Ties to HT

Parents at Holy Trinity represent one corner of the School’s Triangle, with their students, and the faculty/administration representing the other two corners. These three parts work together to complete the Triangle and the School’s mission: to have each student grow in confidence and responsibility during the years leading to graduation. This partnership was fully evident in the relationship the Curry family had with Holy Trinity.

We are blessed that Mr. & Mrs. Curry chose Holy Trinity for their children, Julian and Taylor. Julian (class of 2008) joined Holy Trinity as a first grader. He loved the school and was an active and determined player on the soccer and basketball teams. He loved percussion and excelled musically. Taylor (class of 2010) started at the kindergarten level. She gravitated more to the arts, played the saxophone, and enjoyed being part of the drama productions. Both students excelled academically and were very much part of student life at Holy Trinity. After graduation, Julian went to Georgetown Prep and on to Georgetown University. Currently, he is working with NAI Michael Companies. Taylor spent her high school days at Madeira School and is attending Spelman College. She also spent time as an intern at the United States Capitol. During Julian’s and Taylor’s time at Holy Trinity, the school community was fortunate to have the active and strong support of Mr. & Mrs. Curry through their volunteer work in organizing school events and as avid advocates of the education at Holy Trinity. As we frequently say here, “Once a Hawk, always a Hawk!” The entire Curry family will always be part of the Holy Trinity family.


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We will be offering virtual summer “Mapping Your Way” camp sessions for incoming 5th graders and new students to High School Prep. Please access the Summer Camp Registration site here. 


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