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Primary School (Gr. 1-4)

Welcome to the Primary School


– currently the school is educating our students via a virtual learning program. Please contact to learn more about our transformative education. 

The word Primary means “main, crucial, major, paramount,” all words we believe represent these vital years of a child’s journey of academic and emotional growth. We are continuously exploring new research-based programs, practices, and 21st Century education.  Our children are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that honors their natural curiosity and sense of wonder.  Skills and strategies needed to move through progressively abstract and demanding areas of study are acquired, and with the guidance of caring and experienced teachers our students become independent and responsible thinkers and learners. 



At the Primary School, what interests our children interests us.


Every child is encouraged to find his or her personal gifts and talents. We cultivate enthusiasm for learning and develop empathetic hearts within an exciting, supportive and warm environment.

We hope you will explore the many offerings of the Primary School.

Karen Falk
Head of Primary School