Why Choose HT

Benefits of a Holy Trinity Education

Holy Trinity is a transformative education. Our expert teachers seek to intimately know and deeply understand the miracle who is your child.

We cultivate their God-given talents. We shape their emerging skills. We shepherd their dreams.

Here, we don’t just graduate the best student. We graduate The Best You. 


We invite you to view this video that will provide insight into what Holy Trinity offers and encourage you to tour our school.



Unlike many schools, we want our boys and girls to act their age and revel in the sweet, blink-and-miss-it phenomenon that is childhood. We encourage them to take thoughtful but bold chances in the classroom, even when doing so means making a mistake. We know this is real learning and we foster it at Holy Trinity.


Holy Trinity’s distinctive integration of music into the curriculum ignites your child’s imagination, enhances problem-solving skills, instills self-discipline and patience, and furthers his or her abilities to collaborate. By placing an instrument into your children’s hands, we not only change how they think about music, we change how they think.


Holy Trinity students learn more about more: STEM; friendship; Episcopal values; Spanish; camping; sacred studies; competition; poetry; coding; and jazz. Some schools prioritize rigorous academics; we prioritize rigorous balance. As a result, our eighth graders see the world differently. Learning isn’t homework anymore; learning is life, and life is learning.


Ask big questions. Challenge accepted norms. Find your voice. Holy Trinity inspires your child to learn and live with confidence; to advocate fearlessly about ideas and for themselves. This budding self-reliance not only encourages your children to think they can achieve anything, but it will one day empower them to achieve anything.


While we strive to graduate better students, we exist to graduate better people. At Holy Trinity, your child studies kindness, masters compassion, researches character, and excels in selflessness. We teach students to love more, because loving their neighbor as themselves is as important as any lesson found in a textbook.


Holy Trinity students shine inside and outside the classrooms of the best private and public high schools in the region. There, thanks to foundations laid in The Daisy Lane School, Primary School and skills honed in High School Prep, our alumni make their mark as leaders, scholars, student‐athletes, musicians, and good citizens.


Online Learning Program

In accordance with the Governor’s guidelines and the AIMS recommendation, Holy Trinity has temporarily suspended on-site learning until April 24th. All Holy Trinity students from preschool to grade 8 will be engaged in an Online Learning Program (a combination of distance and virtual learning). Our faculty is offering innovative instruction as we encourage our students to be “The Best You”.  Students should check the Portal regularly. 

The Admissions Office is operating on a normal schedule during this period. Although our April Open House is cancelled, we invite prospective families to reach out to our Admissions Director, Rosalyn Cruz.