Parents at Holy Trinity represent one corner of the School’s Triangle, with their students, and the faculty/administration representing the other two corners. These three parts work together to complete the Triangle and the School’s mission: to have each student grow in confidence and responsibility during the years leading to graduation. Neither the student nor the School will be successful without the parent’s participation. 

All current Holy Trinity parents have access to a secure, password-protected Parent Portal site that will provide them access to:

  • student-related information such as schedules, assignments and grades (the amount of information varies with grade level)
  • school and medication forms
  • lunch program
  • athletics information if your student participates in sports
  • extended day and after-school enrichment activities
  • special announcements




Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Trinity will be 100% virtual learning as we begin school year 2020-2021. Our mission, philosophy and Learning Triangle remains strong and true.  Our students will continue to thrive and become “The Best You”. We are #HawkStrong!

Please view our Virtual Learning video here.

  • Our admissions office welcomes prospective families and their students. Please contact for more information about our school.