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Trustees & Administration

The Board of Trustees provides governance for the school. The Board bears the overall responsibility of the school’s management, policies, and planning. It hires and evaluates the Head of School, who is responsible for overseeing daily operations and implementing policies of the Board. Together as a team, the Board of Trustees and the Head of School strive to maintain a vision for the school that is consistent with its mission, and to develop and approve long-range goals and strategic plans.


  • Zakiya Lee – Chair
  • Mark Lawrence – Vice Chair
  • Michael S. Mullin – Head of School 
  • Brunson Cooper
  • Marcus Daniels
  • Tracie Spear Dickerson
  • Duane Francis
  • Troy Garrett
  • Linell Jackson
  • Aretha Kelly
  • Franklyn Matthews
  • Casiya Thaniel
  • Troy Washington
  • Shani Whisonant
  • Crista Wise
  • Erika Wymes