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Service Hours

Family Service Hours Program & Volunteer Opportunities

Holy Trinity is fortunate to have parents with wonderful talents and resources. We welcome your gift of time and talent in participating in our students’ educational experience.


Each family is responsible for 15 hours of service per school year. Single-parent families and families with a spouse who is deployed through the military are responsible for 7.5 hours of service. Only parents, grandparents and guardians may serve; extended family such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles do not qualify. At the close of the school year, for every hour NOT served, a fee of $20.00 per hour will be assessed. ALL Service Hours are due by the last day of school. No exceptions will be made and no hours will be added after that date. Final report cards will be withheld until the requirements are met. The Family Service Hours contract is part of the mandatory school forms that must be filled out online the summer before the school year begins.

To report service hours, please use the X2VOL program that is available through the PARENT PORTAL.

Examples of Activities to Earn Service Hours

  • HTSA and specific-grade parent meetings (1 hour; only 1 credit per family)
  • Chaperoning your child’s class field trip. Please note that there is only 1 chaperone credit per family.
  • Working an HTSA event (e.g., Santa’s  Breakfast, ice-Cream Social)
  • Assisting with Media & Technology
  • Serving hot lunches, pizza or working Chick Fil A Day for the preschool division
  • Assisting with the Scholastic Book Fair
  • The Birthday Angel Program (2 hours/homemade or store bought cake)
  • Yard work/planting at either campus
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Coordinating HTSA fundraising activities
  • Any store-bought items (baked items, drinks, paper goods) for a class party or fundraiser (1 hour or as stipulated by fundraiser chairperson)
  • Refreshments for athletic activities (1 hour)
  • Assisting class activities as requested by the teacher



The following activities do not count towards Service Hours:

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences
  • Being an attendee at HTSA events (e.g. Santa’s  Breakfast or end-of-the-year picnic)
  • Attending back-to-school or orientation nights
  • Parent visitation days
  • Collecting soup labels or box tops (unless you are the coordinator for this program)