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The Daisy Lane School (PS-K)

Using an approach that calls for discovery and exploration of materials and ideas, we emphasize process versus product based art and encourage discussions about the why behind the what. 





Welcome to The Daisy Lane School


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about our transformative education. 


The Daisy Lane School is interactive, safe, nurturing. and committed to providing the best beginning for each individual student.

The primary goal of The Daisy Lane School is to instill a love of learning and self confidence that will establish a solid foundation for future success.

You have been your child’s teacher since their arrival into the world.  Our goal is to work in partnership with our families to provide the best beginning. We invite you to visit The Daisy Lane School to learn more about how we are distinct from other Early Childhood programs in the area.  We believe you will be pleased with what you see. 

LaDonna Gordy
Head of The Daisy Lane School 



The Daisy Lane School is a joy-filled place where boys and girls can safely act their age. Here, we measure a child’s progress by their openness to learning, and not necessarily by their immediate ability to learn. We give more hugs than tests; we nurture instead of lecture; we seek to understand this miracle who is someone’s son or daughter before we personalize our approach to teaching him or her. The Daisy Lane School is the very beginning of a child’s lifelong journey of self-discovery and enlightenment – that very human quest to become The Best You – and it is the best beginning.


Look closer. Weigh it in the palm of your hand. Investigate whether it bends or bounces. Examine it in the sunlight. Rub its texture between your fingers. Submerge it beneath water. The Daisy Lane School’s expert faculty guide learners to make hands-on discoveries every day. With the world as our classroom, we ignite an adventurous curiosity within each child that burns bright and forever.


Through research-based curricula and a success-focused pedagogy, Learners at The Daisy Lane School methodically develop self-confidence. More valuable than any grade on a piece of paper, success is an indisputable feeling Learners carry everywhere. This blossoming sense of “I can” and “I will” will one day manifest itself in how today’s boy or girl perceives themselves and their unique place in the world as tomorrow’s young man or woman.


In classroom corners, on playground slides, down laughter-filled hallways, and between bites of lunch, new friends are made daily at The Daisy Lane School. Here, young hearts and minds open wide to classmates of different backgrounds. Whether they are sustained over days or decades, these early relationships accelerate learners’ acquisition of essential life skills like cooperation, sharing, and empathy.


Math. Creativity. Technology. Happiness. Reading. Discipline. Language. Resilience. Writing. The Daisy Lane School gradually but purposefully equips learners with a balance of tangible and intangible knowledge and attributes that enable boys and girls to mature into accomplished students and even better human beings.


Our graduates thrive in Holy Trinity’s Primary School and High School Prep. There, our Learners ask the big questions in class. They make diverse friends. They continually challenge themselves. They never quit. Thanks to the generous sacrifice of their families and the dedication of faculty who identified and cultivated their individual, God-given potential, our alumni ultimately achieve their best selves – The Best You – inside and outside the classroom.