Facilities Rental

Some school facilities may be available for use by the community. These facilities may be used for private parties, sporting events, instructional programs, and music recitals. The facilities available for rental (view brochure here) are located at the Daisy Lane campus, 11902 Daisy Lane, Glenn Dale, MD 20769, and include:

  • Reiber Athletic Center (approx. 20,000 sq.ft., basketball and volleyball courts, locker rooms, PA system, scoreboards, and bleachers);
  • a regulation-sized soccer field (115 X 67 yards), with bleachers;
  • a multipurpose room (60 X 50 feet), equipped with a kitchen and indoor bathroom;
  • a band room (60 X 50 feet), equipped with a movable stage and indoor bathroom;
  • several classrooms; and
  • equipment such as VCR, TV, DVD players, LCD projectors, piano, tables, chairs may be offered for use depending on the application.


General rental requirements:

  • Submit a REQUEST FOR USE FORM to the Business Office at least 3 weeks prior to the desired date.
  • There will be a rental facilities fee and additional fees if custodial help is required.
  • Holy Trinity School reserves the right to accept or decline any applicant.
  • If needed, the School reserves the right to require a background check of any prospective applicant (this is typical for long-term use of the facility). The cost of the background checks shall be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The School facilities may not be used for programs/activities deemed likely to damage the school grounds/equipment or for use to promote private, profit-making enterprises.
  • If the application is approved, the interested party must agree to the contractual terms determined by the School and submit a copy of the group/organization insurance policy in the name of the organization listing Holy Trinity School as additionally insured and/or the certificate holder.


For more information, please contact John Reger, Chief Operating Officer and CFO, Jreger@htrinity.org, 301-464-3215, ext. 205.


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