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About HT

Welcome to Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School! 

We sincerely hope you will learn that our school is unique in how we develop each and every student to become “The Best You.” 

Students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, board members, and friends fully support our mission and core values; we encourage inquiring minds, faith, individuality, inclusion, service, and ambition. As an Episcopal school, we are committed to respecting the dignity of all. Bullying, teasing and harassment are antithetical to our values. Our doors are open to all families who seek a school that is progressive, respectful of differences, and that values diversity.

We provide a global academic foundation that is unparalleled.


From The Daisy Lane School (preschool & kindergarten) to the Primary School (1st through 4th grades) to High School Prep (5th through 8th grades), we offer a challenging educational program designed to help them experience joy in learning, develop self-confidence, learn respect for the rights and feelings of others, and become exceptional children and better adult-citizens of the world.  Holy Trinity students learn more about more: STEM; friendship; collaboration; Spanish; sacred studies; competition; poetry; coding; music, and outdoor education. Some schools prioritize rigorous academics; we prioritize rigorous balance.

Our students see the world differently and shine inside and outside  the classrooms of the best private and public high schools in the region.



To the Holy Trinity community, and to those families seeking a community to call their own, please know there is no other school in Prince George’s County like ours. It is truly a special place of learning and discovery for all who enter our doors.

Yours in Education,

Michael S. Mullin
Head of School


Statement of Diversity:

At Holy Trinity, diversity informs our ability to respect and value the self-worth of others.  Reflecting our Episcopal values, we seek and celebrate diversity in all its forms – including but not limited to race, religion, gender, culture, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, learning strengths, and interests –  and work daily to provide an environment where the richness of our difference empowers, educates, and elevates us as global citizens.