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Holy Trinity has a high-speed internet connection with wireless access throughout both campuses. In addition, the school has traditional computer labs for instruction, as well as mobile carts for student use. All classrooms are outfitted with interactive projectors. Our faculty has identified and works to meet Baseline Technology Skills for each division. The infusion of technology into the classroom has been instrumental in enhancing student learning, improved communication, and information management skills. The School makes informed decisions on using technology to strike a balance between traditional instruction and the catalyst of new technologies to bring out the best in our students. In addition to general computer skills classes, each division incorporates a variety of activities into specific subject areas. Examples include projects utilizing word processing, spreadsheets, and multi-media presentations. Our students also undertake projects that involve statistical analysis, video production, desktop publishing, digital photography, coding and a variety of other activities.

At Holy Trinity, we use the strength of computers to promote collaborative learning, to improve research skills and information literacy, to develop critical thinking skills, to encourage creativity and to individualize learning across the curriculum.



The Daisy Lane School

At The Daisy Lane School, Technology is multi-faceted.  Technology is both a subject and is also integrated into classroom activities. Curriculum elements in both Explorer and Kindergarten classes have teacher-directed interactive components. Teachers use BrightLink Interactive Projectors to engage in differentiated instruction that enhances the learning experience for all students.  In The Daisy Lane School teachers and students have one-to-one access to Samsung 7’ tablets to use during learning centers (Explorer) or work stations (Kindergarten).  Our computer lab contains Dell laptops for each student.

Primary School

Students in grades 1 through 4 are instructed in dedicated weekly technology class equipped with desk tops for each student. They learn to navigate the ever-changing world of technology so they may become confident, capable users in the 21st century. Skills are developed and practiced in word processing, multimedia presentation, internet safety, digital citizenship, basic computer programming (coding and/or scratch), keyboarding and parts of the computer. The students have access to assorted software programs and selected websites that enhance instruction in math, reading and language arts. As practiced throughout the school, Technology is integrated into the classroom via cross-curricular projects and grades 1 and 2 have the use of iPod Touch while third and fourth graders have the use of netbooks within their classrooms.

High School Prep

Our Technology program is an integrated part of curriculum which supports our core academic values of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, resourcefulness and creativity. A full computer lab is available for class instruction in technology as well as individual student and class use for curriculum area activities. Instruction in technology includes an introduction to coding, the use of Microsoft Office Suite, Keyboarding Skills and collaborative academic research with the use of the Google Drive apps. Through the use of laptops, tablets and interactive Bright Link projectors, teachers use technology resources to enhance their daily instruction. All students  participate in the 1:1 laptop program.