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Tuition and Fees




We are grateful that you are visiting with us today.


Humbly, we believe that Holy Trinity is a transformative education. Our expert teachers seek to intimately know and deeply understand the miracle who is your child. We cultivate their God-given talents; we shape their emerging skills; we shepherd their shy dreams. Here, we don’t just graduate the best student – we graduate The Best You. It is a distinction that makes all the difference.


The story of our school is really the story of our students, our families, and our faculty. Please take a minute or two to watch some of their stories. You might recognize some of their experiences in your own.

In the meantime, we welcome your questions and we would feel privileged to meet with you in person or by Zoom to learn more about your family. Our Director of Admissions, Rosalyn (“Roz”) Cruz, is always at your service. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 301-262-5355.




Tuition for The Daisy Lane School

Discovery & Explorer (3 yrs. & 4 yrs. old by 9/1): $11,525*
Kindergarten: $12,725*
*These rates include extended day care for the students from 7am until start of school and from after school ends until 6pm. The $1,000 registration fee is not included in these rates.

Tuition for Primary School

Grades 1-4: $11,975*
*$1,000 registration fee not included.

Tuition for High School Prep

Grades 5-8: $13,705*
*$1,000 registration fee not included.

Application Fee (One-time fee)

A $75.00 application/testing fee must accompany each application for placement on an active screening/testing list. This fee is not refundable and is not credited toward tuition.

New Student Fee (one-time fee for each student)

As a requirement for the initial enrollment at Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School, each family must pay one $500 endowment fee per newly enrolled child by June 13th, 2021.

Registration (Annual)

A $1,000 fee is due with registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Family Service Program (Annual)

All school families are responsible for FIFTEEN (15) service hours during the school year (for single-parent families, the requirement is 7.5 hours). Attendance at HTSA and parent meetings counts for 1 hour per family. Volunteering for HTSA events, field trips, and projects within the school are other ways to assist at  the school. In cases where parents/guardians, for various reasons, are unable to be involved, compensation fees of $20 per service hour are assessed.

Other Fees

There are yearly activity fees and a longevity discount program. All rising 5th-7th graders and new 8th graders pay an annual $400 technology fee (includes leased laptop and maintenance).



Holy Trinity is a non-profit organization totally dependent on tuition for educating each student, maintaining and improving the educational program and facilities, and supporting professional staff development.