HT Virtual Learning

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Trinity will open the 2020-2021 school year with 100% virtual learning. Our mission, philosophy and learning triangle remains strong and true. Our talented faculty have taken professional development classes about virtual learning strategies and will continue to stay current with new educational techniques. Our students will continue to thrive and become “The Best You”. We are #HawkStrong!



The school will use Microsoft Teams as the collaborative software as it is a robust and secure product. Deliberate and thoughtful consideration were put into ensuring the end users, namely our students, will have the best experience. We are intentionally choosing tools that will support a single sign on and all content is streamlined to accommodate our preschool to grade 8 students.

Teachers will offer both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. All faculty will be teaching from their classrooms that have been equipped with cameras and video recording systems, The instruction will be a blend of teaching using the whiteboard, demonstration of experiments and activities. Other instruction will use Microsoft Teams and different apps from Microsoft Office to keep our students engaged in collaborative activities and creative thinking. We are pleased to include Nearpod as an instructional platform to provide formative assessments and dynamic media. Mindful of the importance of social and emotional learning, regular assignments will be included to connect between teacher and student, students with their peers and group partnerships. Our School Counselor will be on hand to support our student community.

We strive to engage the virtual learning process using as tools available at our students’ fingertips. 

We are actively integrating technology in our virtual classroom to

  • engage
  • collaborate
  • organize lessons
  • communicate
  • receive feedback

The school will continue to closely monitor the data while working with the COVID-19 School Reopening Task Force to identify the metrics on when we can safely open our campus. We will only open for on-campus operations when the metrics indicate it is safe to do so. We will remain in communication with the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), and Prince George’s County Health Department while staying up to date with the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines.



Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Trinity will be 100% virtual learning as we begin school year 2020-2021. Our mission, philosophy and Learning Triangle remains strong and true.  Our students will continue to thrive and become “The Best You”. We are #HawkStrong!

Please view our Virtual Learning video here.

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