Math in Action

As part of the S.T.E.A.M. initiative implemented at Holy Trinity, the HSP math department has been busy giving students hands on opportunities to explore the math concepts they have been studying.
In fifth and sixth grade, the students used packages of skittles to explore the concept of mean, median, mode, and range, as well as to create circle and bar graphs.
In seventh grade, students used graph paper to cut out examples of triangles and squares to illustrate why the formula for the area of a rectangle is b x h and the area of a triangle is ½ b x h.
To acknowledge Pi Day, our Pre-Algebra students were required to create a musical selection based on the first thirty-three digits of Pi.  Thanks to Mrs. Carter’s son, the individual selections were blended into one unique selection.  It was a brilliant project. Please clink on this link to listen to the music they created.
Algebra students (8th graders) have collected data that represents linear graphs.  First they added marbles to graduated cylinders and recorded the effect each marble had on the water level in the cylinder.  Another day, they created bridges using uncooked spaghetti and recorded the number of marbles that an increasing number of pasta pieces could support suspended from the pasta bridge.  The data collected represents a concrete  example of a linear relationship for them to graph and create an equation to represent the data.