Explorer’s Grocery Store

At center time, the Explorer children learned how to be cashiers, baggers, and customers in a Grocery Store. The customers were given a grocery list (number card) and they had to put that many items into their cart. The cashier than scanned (counted) the items to check the customer’s work, and the bagger put the items in a bag, checking the cashier’s work. Then the cashier gave the customer a bill (a card with a certain number of dots). The customer had to count the dots and then take that many coins from his/her wallet to pay the cashier. Then the cashier counted the coins before putting them into the cash register, checking the customer’s work. Lastly, the group worked together to return the grocery items to the proper location in our store. Embedded in this purposeful play, the students were working on the academic skills of number recognition, counting, one-one correspondence and sorting. We all had fun in the Explorers Grocery Store! Please view photo gallery here.