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Digital Learning Technology

Holy Trinity families will continue to utilize our Holy Trinity BlackBaud Parent Portal. This portal allows for teachers to communicate with families daily and weekly using their class specific homepage portal. This portal will continue to be updated and will serve as the daily landing place for photographs of the students, digital newsletters, digital schedules, announcements, and updates from their grade level enrichment teacher team. Links to specific websites, YouTube videos, and other sites that the children will be provided with to supplement their lessons will also be housed right there from their class homepage. It is basically your one stop shop portal to your child’s digital classroom content. Across all three divisions, attendance is taken daily using a once a day log-in by the family. Our attendance coordinator will account for these log-ins and will use this information, cross checked with our Admin Staff and their homeroom teacher to account for daily attendance. The BlackBaud portal also houses school wide information, report cards, health information, and family information all at the users finger tips. 
Microsoft Teams: 
Holy Trinity families will continue to use the Microsoft Teams meeting platform. This platform served our school during our Spring virtual learning classroom, and we will continue to use it this upcoming school year. Microsoft Teams offers a place for students to join into to their specific classroom homeroom team, a combined grade level team, and finally a division inclusive team for a variety of meeting needs. Daily lessons will occur in their homeroom team, Chapel and some Enrichments will occur in their grade level team, and large division wide meetings will occur in the all inclusive division team. Back to school night, Meet and Greet, Hopes and Dreams, Parent Teacher Conferences, and Virtual Coffees will all happen within our Microsoft Teams meeting platform. The platform itself is not only safe, it also is user friendly and easy to navigate. All Live classes will be saved into their class specific portal for a rewatch or a view later if a family could not join due to a variety of reasons. This key feature helps with the flexibility of our classroom to meet the viewing time schedule of all families within our division. 
Teachers throughout Holy Trinity are utilizing the creative and engaging content offered by Nearpod. This learning platform was researched extensively by our school’s Technology Team and Leadership, and through this research it was found to combine in the most comprehensive manner many of the E-Learning Tools/Platforms on the market today. We chose Nearpod because of its ability to engage our youngest learners in the Daisy Lane School to our older students in High school Prep. This learning platform offers varying questioning of guided content, checks for understanding, student feedback and polling, along with moments to utilize the platform’s lessons for live or self-paced learning. This is aligned with our philosophy of Virtual Learning that it’s tools, platform, and learning happens at the best time that fits into our families’ lives. Finally, our staff enjoys the extensive learning lesson content library offered by Nearpod, but also the ability to create their own lessons to meet the specific needs of their own classroom of learners. 
Digital Learning Tools:
Our faculty received additional coaching and training in virtual learning content connected to our Math in Focus, Into Reading, Dell Advanced Learning, and Nearpod curriculum tools. Students will have access to digital content and supplements found through this platform with which their teachers will use to instruct. All faculty also received training in using the features of Microsoft 365 along with useful teaching tools to use where they see fit. Some of these tools may include hyperdocs, student choice boards, Flipgrid, desmos, the Bitmoji classroom, just to showcase a few. Hands on learning, fine motor, gross motor, art, and creativity will still occur and is a learning pillar of our Early Childhood program. Challenging academics and enrichment studies continue to be the focus of our learning program.

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