Butterfly Garden

During the 2018-2019 academic year, a plan was proposed to create a Butterfly Garden at the Annapolis Road campus. The garden will allow the implementation of inquiry-based learning activities and serve as a year-long experimental station. All primary students will be engaged in the process of developing, creating and managing the garden. Thanks to a grant from the City of Bowie (Education Program), the generosity of John and Ruth Powell, Senior Wardens of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and the endless patience and guidance from Mr. Sykes and his family, the Butterfly Garden was nurtured and now is in now in peak condition. First graders researched Monarch butterflies, second graders researched Painted Lady Butterflies including raising and releasing these insects into the garden. The plants needed for the garden, host and nectar, were researched and planted by the third graders. Fourth graders applied themselves to creating signage and provided more information about Monarch butterflies. 

The butterfly garden will be an exciting education venue as our students learn about pollinators and the process of pollination, life cycles of plants and insects and gain awareness about habitat loss and degradation. Future Citizen Science activities in store of our students include The Great Sunflower Project and Journey North that observes climate change.